There are many people who are starting their journey as kayakers, but as a beginner, one of the main hurdle they have to cross when it comes to buying the right kayak. There are a lot of things one need to keep in mind when buying a kayak which includes materials, durability, stability, kayak length, the depth and width, purpose of the kayak, etc. Here a few best kayaks for beginners that we have hand picked for you.


Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 Recreational Kayak

This is a strong fishing kayak under $500 for beginners perfect for fishing and cruising around. This kayak is specifically built to help you take it into the wilderness. It has a modest deck rigging and is perfect for rivers and lakes. It is the best for bass fishing. The material used is polyethene material which is durable and economically sound which can last over a long time. It is extremely lightweight, which can make it easy for transport and can be carried when needed. The kayak in itself can handle any choppy and calm waters.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Beginner Kayak

This is one of the most popular tandem kayaks in the world which has an Ocean Kayak 12, which was made for the family. It comes with comfortable seating positions and has a forward seating that can be rotated around which to help move the rear paddler and also has a room for pet and child. It is a Tri-Forum hull design which needs to be handle with flat, swift and rough waters. It has the ability to carry up to the 425lbs, which can be combined and have a problem with the fitting. This kayak has a tank which is wells and gear straps, allowing one to have the right stow to help with your gear with ease.


Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Kayak

If you want to stand up on the kayak, this is the best options available. It comes with a great recreational kayak which can handle anything from kayak surfing to the fishing on rough waters. This is a solid mid-sized sit-on-top kayak has comfortable paddle for 5-mile round trip which can make it easy to surf. It has a centre keel line which is long and pronounced, which will allow you to have a track straight in windy situations which makes long-distance easier when compared to the most. The hull on the frenzy also uplifts the rocket and can allow you to stay high above the waves where you can surf with confidence. There is ample room for storage which is a great choice for divers and fishermen alike as it comes to a capacity of 300-350lbs.


Everybody loves camping but the one problem that everyone seems to find is the fact that during these camping days there is no place for people to shower and this can easily be solved with the help of a shower tent. If you are an avid camper and looking for a shower tent to make you camping journey easy.

Ozark Trail Instant outdoor

This is one of the best shower tent in the market which you take to your journey with ease. It has space for two and it is easy to set up. The frame design helps the tent stay up and the solar heater helps heat up the water with the help of sunlight in just a few minutes. The walls inside are covered with silver aluminium material which can make you feel secure.

KingCamp oversize privacy Shelter Tent

This tent is one of the Best Shower Tents in the market as it has space for one person with one pocket outside and one pocket inside of the tent. It has a two way zipper which provides great ventilation. This tent can be used for changing, resting and even as a toilet.

Lightspeed Portable changing Room

This 6 feet tall portable shower room can be a good place for you to shower as it provides a safe space. It has a clip on option on the flooring which you can select whenever you need it. The D shape of the tent gives and easy set up and the material is made of polyester which is resistant to rain and is extremely durable.

Green Elephant Tent Shelter

This green elephant tent shower is made of waterproof polyester material which makes the whole tent much more durable and reliable. The doors are big and comes with a heavy duty zipper which can be comfortable if you move you inside. Also the top of this shower is net which makes for a good ventilation but provides protection from rain as it has an extra cover. There is space for holding your other accessories. Due to it being made of polyester material it is extremely light weight and can have a lot more uses than just being a shower tent.


Pop Up changing room

This shower tent is extremely easy to set up as it take only a few seconds to fully open up. It can be used for many purposes from camping, toilet, showers, etc. You can carry this tent anywhere as it is very light weight and compact. The tent is made of quality material which looks beautiful from the exterior and the tent also helps you protect from UV rays and the cover is made of nylon material which can be difficult for the suns rays to penetrate.


Crossbows are much more faster, quieter and more accurate and a single crossbow can easily kill a deer. Crossbows can deliver a shot at extreme speed but finding the best ones in the market are much more difficult, we have gathered some of the best broadheads for crossbow hunting.

Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 4 blade

The most prominent name in the broadhead business is HBX the durability of muzzy’s Trocar tip is a rugged blade with offset broadhead spins which stabilizes quickly it has a 2 5/8 inch of cutting diameter which weight at least 100 grains.

Ramcat Crossbow

The best-fixed blade head which is sharpened on either side with a leading back edge. This is a stout rugged head that can fly like a field point. The heads are available in 100 grain and 125-grain version. Some of the best crossbow broadheads, try to look at the height and the type of blade as it ensure that you get the most smooth shot which does not miss.

Grim Reaper Hybrid

The grim reaper hybrid crossbows are known for their speed, which allows them to be big and aggressive. It boasts two fixed blades with 11/2 inch cutting diameter and a cutting surface of 13/16 inch of cutting surface and weight 100 grains.

rage Hypodermic crossbow

Rage has a mechanical broadhead, which is the best due to its 2-inch cutting diameter and stainless steel blades. This model boasts an energy retention collar which increases speed and it is available in 100 and 125 grains models.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated

Carbon express has six fixed blades and XT dual feature gives it a serration to boot the speed. The head is 1/8 inch cutting diameter and the serrated blades help the blade stay sharp longer. They are available in 100 and 125-grain models.

NAP Spitfire XXX

The first company to ever make a mechanical blade mainstream. The design is a classic with three flips over blades that expands to catch at two-inch cutting diameter. The grain head is 100.

Excalibur Boltcutter

For the best boltcutters, the Excalibur manufacturer is the best with a stout head feature. This has three fixed blades with 11/16 inches of cutting diameter and they are heavy weighing in at 150 grains.

Wasp Jak-X

Wasp Jak-X is available in a crossbow specific model. The head features is 13/4 inch cutting diameter and utilize a dual ring which retains the design which captures speed up to 380fps. It has a stainless steel smart tip with cutting edges, and ha aligned blades are for optimal penetration and the blade weights 100 grains.


Things To Know Before Buying Binoculars

Heading to buy a new pair of binoculars? Here’s a guide which you should consider to buy the best binoculars! Make sure all these boxes are ticked off so that you ultimately have the perfect pair of binoculars in hand. Read on to know more about these aspects:

Isn’t this why you’re buying the binoculars in the first place? Well so make sure you need to check out the magnification the binoculars come with. The magnification of binoculars is noted by the ‘x’ on it. Depending on your usage, you need to pick one accordingly. If a binoculars say 10x it means that a bird spotted a hundred metres away will appear like it’s right in front of you – perfect clarity, no blurred sight at all! Magnification until 12k is easy to carry around, beyond that, you would require a tripod to hoist the binoculars.

Lens quality:
The quality of the lens of your binoculars should be top-notch. That’s one significant aspect that involves clarity of images and sites observed through binoculars. Along with the lens, the coating too is important – you need to opt for a lens with coating as it minimises penetration of sunlight in it, thus improving the quality of images you see through the binoculars. A good lens will also make sure that in low light sightings, the colours stay intact and don’t give a washed out or pale look.

Eye strain:
Hold the binoculars over a specific object before buying it. Check if the binoculars are causing any eye strain. The regular binoculars will trouble your eyes after looking through them even for a little while. So when investing in a pair of binoculars, ensure you look for the high-end ones which won’t affect your eyes no matter how long you use them!

Of course, the weight of the binoculars is an essential aspect you need to check with. Higher the magnification, more the weight of the binocular. More importantly, if you require the binoculars for prolonged usage, you need to opt for a tripod – or else settle for lesser weight binoculars.

You’ll be lugging around that pair everywhere you go. It will be basically exposed to all kinds of weather and natural conditions – so it’s best to opt for something that is waterproof. You’ll find the words WP printed on the binoculars – buy them instead of the normal ones.

Best soft-sided coolers in the market

Soft-sided coolers are the perfect option for those who don’t really like to lug around the heavy-duty. And if you’re looking to purchase one, I’ve got a list of best soft coolers available out there, so you can read and make an informed choice. Check out the Coolersjunkie site if you want to get more information about the soft-sided coolers.

YETI Hopper Two portable soft-sided cooler:
Well, the design of this soft-sided cooler is what flattered me the most. Not the usual bulky soft cooler – but a sleek version that looks super trendy and has pretty good storage capacity too. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes, so you’re free to pick out on what suits your requirements. The fabric with which this cooler is produced is waterproof and secure to protect all foodstuff from UV rays and mildew too.  It has durable insulation and also a sturdy HydroLok Zipper. Great for the adventure junkies.

AO coolers Canvas Soft Coolers:

Comfortable to hold handles, with an extendable shoulder strap, this soft cooler is available in sizes that can carry from 12 to 48 cans – so you can select one as per your requirements. It can easily store meat and keep it fresh until you decide to cook after lighting the campfire. It is made of leak-proof material and is also equipped with an extra external pocket that allows you to store any extra things which can survive the normal temperature. It’s just 3 pounds in weight and can be used to store hot and cold food as well.

Coleman 30 can removable liner cooler:
With multiple compartments that the cooler is equipped with, the Coleman’s 30 Can removable cooler is perfect for storing many things at once. And the name itself suggests you have storage worth 30 cans. The adjustable straps make it easy to carry around, and the leak-proof material keeps everything safe inside the cooler. It has mesh pockets and a removable plastic liner which improve the usability of this cooler.

eBags Crew Cooler II:

A cooler that has an extremely durable look and ideally suited for frequent travelers, the eBags Crew Cooler II is known for its unique design and modern look. Equipped with a handle and a shoulder strap, it’s super easy when it comes to portable. It also has a replaceable liner, which is another added feature.

Uses Of A Survival Knife

If you are thinking about bushcraft, a survival knife is one of the first things that will hit your mind. It is one of the things that survivalist cannot live without. The use of it as equipment or a weapon makes it one of the most versatile things that you can carry around.

The things that come to your mind when we say survival knife is what are its uses and which survival knife is the best. In this article, we will discuss the answer to one of the questions “What are it uses?”

Cutting and slicing

The first, the most important and the obvious use is cutting and slicing. In the outdoors, there are good possibilities that you might need an instrument to cut something. So survival knife might be the best choice you have. It does not matter what you are going to cut or slice. It can be wood, some fruit or anything for that matter. A survival knife will definitely come in handy. So make sure that you have a good quality survival knife that can get the job done easily without consuming much time.


It is true that the survival knife is not the right tool for digging. But if you are foolish enough to leave the shovel at your house, then there is no other way but to depend on a survival knife for digging. It can be a perfect replacement for a shovel, and it will definitely get the job done. The only thing that you have to understand is that using it instead of the shovel will decrease the sharpness considerably. Hence it is necessary to sharpen it after using it for digging.


It is a sharp weapon, and if it can cut through wood, then it can definitely cut through the skin.  One of the most important uses of the survival knife in the wild is using it for self-defense. You will never know what will happen in the wild and hence you need to be prepared for any danger that might come. The survival knife is one of those things that can save you from the danger that is about to come. You can depend on it, and it will definitely not let you down.

First aid tool

Some might have this question of how a survival knife can serve as a first aid tool. But the truth is it can. In the wild, there are good possibilities of people getting injured. Hence the wound needs to be cauterized to avoid any further infection. The best tool that you can use to cauterize the wound in the survival knife. Not just that it can be used to cut bandages, remove things that are stuck in the upper part of the skin and so on.

Food prep

A survival knife can be used as a perfect tool to prepare food. As mentioned earlier it can be used for cutting and chopping which is an important part of food preparation. It is not just that it can be a perfect replacement for spoons and a lot of other things that are needed for preparing food.


Applications of Binoculars

The basic pair of binoculars are essentially 2 miniature telescopes that are lashed together (side-by-side) and these focus in tandem. This gadget has the rare ability of bringing you very close and personal with the activities and things that you hold dear. Most people associate binoculars with bird watchers and park rangers but there is so much more that they can be used for.


There are a number of best value binoculars that can be utilized in many ways. The main ones are as follows:

  • Nature viewing

This is arguably the most popular activity that the binoculars can be used for. Nature viewing in this case can refer to big game safaris, leaf-peeping and bird-watching. Most of the binoculars that are used for such are equipped with at least a lens that is 40mm in size and has a magnification of either 8x or even 10x. It is this combination that can facilitate the easy viewing of fauna or flora from miles away with the naked eye. Therefore, you can invest in a good pair of binoculars to enjoy some marvels of nature.

Natural Viewing

  • Opera and theatre

Binoculars at theatres are not a rare sight as they have been used as an important accessory for all the formal attire worn to a ballet or opera for the longest time. Their magnification is lower and have a more compact size. This means that you would expect a binoculars used in an opera to have a magnification strength of approximately 3x or 5x instead of the usual 8x or 10x. This is adequate to read emotions on the expression of an actress or actor.

  • Sporting events


This is yet another common application of binoculars. However, it is important to first consider the kind of sport that you intend to watch before you buy a set of binoculars as they limit one’s field of view. If you intend to watch team sports, avoid buying binoculars with a narrow field of view. This is because plenty of action can be many yards from the ball. Binoculars with a narrow field of view and high magnification are best suited for solo competition such as figure skating or gymnastics. Generally, the most ideal magnification is 8X.

  • Military

Servicemen as well as women in the military utilize binoculars quite often in reconnaissance and active missions. The primary use is to survey target landscapes prior to the arrival of troops, the aim is to try and locate any danger that is lurking. The military use it to estimate the distance to targets as well as to assist them construct bridges by knowing the ideal crossing point over a river or gorge. It should be noted that binoculars that are military grade tend to employ top-notch technology i.e. coatings, best optics and very innovative features.


  • Stargazing

Astronomy lovers an enjoy binoculars wit regard to stargazing. Remember to factor in magnification and field of view as earlier mentioned. Furthermore, performance in low-lighting is key when it comes to this particular application.


The applications of binoculars listed above are far from exhaustive as there are many more ways that a pair of binoculars can be used.


The above insightful information clearly outlines the various applications of binoculars and what to consider in each application. It is evident that the gadget is a good investment, get yours today!


Best healthy food for dogs- for an active and healthy pet dog

Importance of healthy diet for dogs  As a dog owner, it is your duty to ensure that you give the right amount of nutrition to your dogs so that it can be fit, active and healthy as the foods that you select should be beneficial for your canine pal. Moreover you need to understand that the food that you eat should not be given to the dog as both you and your pet has different digestive system.

The wrong kind of food can wreck havoc on the body of your pet as it can cause severe health problems and it will not meet the nutritional requirements of your pet dog. If you are looking for some healthy food to feed your dog you can check out bully sticks australia. You will need to find out the best healthy foods for dogs so that it will help in offering proper nutrition to your dog and this can be determine on the basis of the age, size and breed of the dog.


Benefits offered by the Best healthy food for dogs includes-

  • Allergy immunity
  • Better breath
  • Joint strength
  • Healthy body
  • Improved mental health
  • Overall well being

The right kind of foods for dog is very important for a long and healthy life and hence you should look for the perfect canine diet that will offer a large number of benefits to your four legged friends. With proper planning, you can devise a diet plan for your dog that is different from your food because human and dogs metabolize food differently.

If you want a complete and balanced diet for your pet dog then you need to offer the right amount of nutrients and the Best healthy food for dogs-


Peanut butter

It is the perfect food for canines that offers a good source of protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, niacin and heart healthy fats. You can buy raw and unsalted peanut butter for your pet as it is the best way of getting healthy and active pet.



Rather than giving raw chicken to the dog, you should feed him cooked chicken along with the regular feed as it is the best way of adding extra protein and spice to the diet. It is considered as an excellent meal replacement as you can offer protein loaded chicken for tingling the taste bud of your pet.


Feeding a piece of cottage cheese or regular cheese to your dog helps in offering an extra boost of calcium to your dog and you also have the option of feeding low fat cheese that is loaded with calcium but does not contain healthy components as it will not lead to weight gain in dogs. Moreover there are certain breeds of dogs who tend to be lactose intolerant and hence you need to be careful when feeding cheese or any other dairy products to your dog.



Raw and cooked carrots are extremely safe for dog consumption as carrots are good source of vitamins, fiber and minerals while being low in calories. You can use this health food for your dog as it is used as snack but you need to cut the carrots into small pieces so that you can eliminate the risk of choking.

Important Wading Safety Tips That Will Help You This Season

With the fishing season right around the corner, we can see that many are preparing for fly fishing. With fly fishing, it is important that people are staying up to date with the wading safety features, which can help you stay out of danger. If you are a beginner, make sure that you are reading this article and following the steps mentioned here.

Belt and staff

Waders come with belts, and it is important that you are using them. The belt helps slow the water from coming in and falls in the trap inside your waders, which can create buoyance. Wearing a belt is non-negotiable, and you need to wear it no matter the time. Carry a wading staff, which is a great way to check for the depth of the water before you think of crossing.

Take your time

One has to be very careful around the river, and it is important that you evaluate the fishing conditions. Try to take the best fly fishing waders and enter the river and move through the water. Try to make sure that you are slow and moving through the water to help minimize the risk of falling. Take your time and keep your step strong as it takes one slippery stone for you to lose balance.

Avoid deep waters

One tip to consider while wading is to avoid deep water. If you are in a river, try to make sure that you have slow-moving currents as this helps with the navigation safety. If you are moving any deeper into the water, you will scare away the fish, which is not good for you.

Wear studded soled boots

Wading boots that are studded soled have better traction, which can help you gain better stability while wading.  Try to make sure that you have a good grip on the rocks, and at the bottom of the river, make sure that the water is not pushing too hard against your leg.

Stay sideway

This tip will give you more strength on the river—standing sideways, gives you more control and stability, which will help you avoid facing straight up and down the river. The walking position also depends on the flow of current, and it is better to stay safe than sorry.

Use a system

This is the best tip for a beginner who is trying to cross a river. You can start by making a link and taking hold of one another when trying to cross a river. The more the feet, the better the chances of stability and lessen the chances of slipping and getting caught in a current. This is a good practice to bring your friends along to help you or assist.