Adrenaline Rush – My Thirst for Shark Cage Diving Before I Die

This is an item that is very high on my list when it comes to things I want to do before I die. Namely going down a shark cage! Diving with a shark without a grid I would never do. I’m panicking just thinking about it. Feel like it’s a little safer choice to sit in a cage than to swim next to them. 😉 I know you can do this in South Africa. Learn safely in several places such as Australia or Hawaii. Oh how fun it would be to experience this !!

Luckily my dream came true yesterday!  It was a crazy experience and we were fortunate enough to swim with dolphins while we were out there too.  Anyways, yesterday we showed up with sharks !!! We were pretty nervous about this dive, but also extremely excited as well. During the dive we saw huge sharks! Very very many bull sharks and lots of other sharks too (note big sharks = 5m and thick, quite aggressive).

Before the dive we got clear instructions to keep arms close to the body, to gaze the sharks in their eyes if they swam against us and definitely not swim away from a shark if it would happen and even if a shark would get too close then the guides would have items they could pick up to make the shark swim in another direction (felt great, this just made us nervous …).

When all the divers were down the bottom we sat in a row to look at the sharks swimming so close that they could almost touch them. The nervousness disappeared quickly, the sharks swam peacefully in front of us (we were not in a cage). After a while it was time for feeding, as the guides did while sitting there at the bottom … it seemed clear that the little sharks swam away when the big ones came to eat.
This dive was so incredibly awesome in many ways !!! We’ll definitely do it again sometime in the future!