Best fishing destinations in the US you shouldn’t miss this year

If you’re a passionate angler, finding a great fishing destination is the essential thing to your trip. However, many anglers get lost when choosing their fishing destination. To help you discover some of the best fishing destinations in the US, we prepared this list of targets you should miss this year.

Galveston, TX

Galveston is at the very edge of the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it a great place to find plenty of fish. Just within 30 miles of the shore, you’ll locate the abundance of kingfish, dorado, and snapper. If you want to take it a little further, near the oil rigs, you’ll be surprised with bigger fish like tuna, sailfish, or grouper.  Click to learn more about Fishing and Hunting Land in Texas.  Texas is really a miracle when it comes to fishing, and you can expect big things whenever you head out to Galveston for any hunting or fishing.

Cape Cod, MA

There’s no need to introduce Cape Cod – every fisher knows about its reputation. All the way you can find migratory stripers, which are followed by bluefish, giant bluefin tuna, wahoo, swordfish, and cod. If you’re into a big catch, try out with deeper waters. The best period for fishing is May through June, while the open ocean lurkers become alive from June through September.lake aerators

San Diego, CA

Fishing probably isn’t the hallmark of sunny California so that listing San Diego might seem like an unusual choice. However, this city is the home of some of the most modern fishing vessels, which can be seen in the bountiful waters of Pacific Ocean. You can expect to see marlin, mahi-mahi, yellowfin, bluefin, albacore, and other unusual species, depending on the season.

Table Rock Lake, Branson, MI

Bass lovers will enjoy in the adventurous angling at Table Rock Lake in Missouri. The large amounts of spotted, largemouth and smallmouth bass will give you just enough reasons to remember this great experience. And with the clear water which can be achieved with the help of lake aerators, you shouldn’t have any trouble to catch the fish.

Kobuk River, AL

In case you’re up for a unique fishing experience, then Kobuk River in Alaska is the destination for you. Unlike the other destinations, the waters of Kobuk River are colder, which brings out the fish that you didn’t know that exist. You’ll find arctic grayling, sheefish, chum salmon, and lake trout among others. On the other hand, the most of this destination is accessible through the air. For those of you who are in for the real adventure, Kobuk River has something to offer.

lake aeratorsMontauk, NY

Due to its proximity to New York City and the great popularity, Montauk is known for the best fishing experience an angler might get. The reason for that being a high number of migrating fish, with the most famous being striped bass. The best time to catch some heavy bass (30-40 pounds) is from May through October.

Outer Banks, NC

The salty waters of Outer Banks are extremely popular among anglers. In these waters, one can find an abundance of different species, which makes it one of the richest saltwater fisheries in the US. Sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and red drum are the regular visitors of Outer Banks waters, especially during April through June.