Best healthy food for dogs- for an active and healthy pet dog

Importance of healthy diet for dogs  As a dog owner, it is your duty to ensure that you give the right amount of nutrition to your dogs so that it can be fit, active and healthy as the foods that you select should be beneficial for your canine pal. Moreover you need to understand that the food that you eat should not be given to the dog as both you and your pet has different digestive system.

The wrong kind of food can wreck havoc on the body of your pet as it can cause severe health problems and it will not meet the nutritional requirements of your pet dog. If you are looking for some healthy food to feed your dog you can check out bully sticks australia. You will need to find out the best healthy foods for dogs so that it will help in offering proper nutrition to your dog and this can be determine on the basis of the age, size and breed of the dog.


Benefits offered by the Best healthy food for dogs includes-

  • Allergy immunity
  • Better breath
  • Joint strength
  • Healthy body
  • Improved mental health
  • Overall well being

The right kind of foods for dog is very important for a long and healthy life and hence you should look for the perfect canine diet that will offer a large number of benefits to your four legged friends. With proper planning, you can devise a diet plan for your dog that is different from your food because human and dogs metabolize food differently.

If you want a complete and balanced diet for your pet dog then you need to offer the right amount of nutrients and the Best healthy food for dogs-


Peanut butter

It is the perfect food for canines that offers a good source of protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, niacin and heart healthy fats. You can buy raw and unsalted peanut butter for your pet as it is the best way of getting healthy and active pet.



Rather than giving raw chicken to the dog, you should feed him cooked chicken along with the regular feed as it is the best way of adding extra protein and spice to the diet. It is considered as an excellent meal replacement as you can offer protein loaded chicken for tingling the taste bud of your pet.


Feeding a piece of cottage cheese or regular cheese to your dog helps in offering an extra boost of calcium to your dog and you also have the option of feeding low fat cheese that is loaded with calcium but does not contain healthy components as it will not lead to weight gain in dogs. Moreover there are certain breeds of dogs who tend to be lactose intolerant and hence you need to be careful when feeding cheese or any other dairy products to your dog.



Raw and cooked carrots are extremely safe for dog consumption as carrots are good source of vitamins, fiber and minerals while being low in calories. You can use this health food for your dog as it is used as snack but you need to cut the carrots into small pieces so that you can eliminate the risk of choking.