Editor’s Corner

Well hello, and welcome to the May issue of ModernSportsman.com. If your April was anything like mine then as the old saying goes, there should be ample showers to bring on what May is most famous for and that is the huge amounts of wild flowers that bless our California landscape ever year. This year’s heavy rain fall means a late bloom but it promises to be spectacular on both slopes of the Sierra Mountains. Sadly the desert bloom this year will be severely affected by a less than average rainfall, so if you want to see the incredible blankets of wildflowers that make Spring in the arid areas of the Southwestern United States such a great time of year, plan your trips to either California’s Western side of the mountains or Nevada’s Eastern side. This year’s abundant snowfall in the high country will make for a far longer blooming season than any in memory so now is the time to visit.

Just as the life giving rains of the winter season are required to nurture the growth of the beautiful annuals that color the deserts each year, our home page has it own life giving mixture. It is the steady supply of talented outdoor sportsmen and women who are required to give life to all we try to bring you each month. Were it not for the tireless efforts of these people we could never hope to bring you all we do. Indeed I think it’s safe to say this oh so important component of the ModernSportsman.com experience would wither and die just as the wildflowers do when deprived of the moisture so necessary to their existence. Thankfully we have an abundance of talent willing to insure that this will never happen here. Now let’s take a look at what’s blooming here in the may issue for your enjoyment.

We begin as always with the First Monday series hosted by the members of our Outdoor Women’s Forum. The ladies tell me they plan something a little different for their May feature. Normally they range pretty far afield in search of topics but this month they are staying close to home. In this month’s clinic they are going to look at another kind of outdoor trip. Instead of hunting, fishing, or long weekend camping trips, this time their focus is on the single day outing. Things like horseback riding, short trips to the local parks for picnics, and perhaps even short hikes on the nature trails that almost any community now offers. Our hosts will have their members discuss some aspect of this often overlooked but seldom unused part of the outdoor scene. So please join our outdoor ladies as they take a look at the Day Trip to the outdoors.

This month on Craftee’s Cookstove, Craftee is trying something new. It’s no secret that we have some talented cooks that call our website home. We know this because one look at the pages and pages of terrific recipes in our Member Submitted Cookbook makes that clear as a sunny day. So Craftee has decide that it’s only fair to share the limelight and invite some of these volunteer chefs to come in, take over the Cookstove and present these creations themselves.

This month in keeping with the picnicking theme that the Outdoor Women’s Forum has planned for their First Monday Feature, we thought we’d try a barbecuing theme. Now if you are talking barbeque one name comes to mind, Ray Devaul, or as most folks know him at ModernSportsman.com’s Campfire Forum that he moderates daily, Big_Guy. Ray’s selection for this month is a simple meal that is sure to please; it is bacon wrapped venison loin medallions with twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus and mushrooms, and a fresh bean salad. Now if you can find any room after that feast he swears his angel food based Rainbow cake would tempt the devil himself. It sure looks to me like these guest chef visits to the Cookstove are gong to be as hard on my waistline as Craftee’s regular residence.

There are no major surprises for you in this month’s Featured Articles Section that is the real heart and soul of our magazine. By that I mean every one of this month’s writers are time tested veterans whose work has appeared several times in our Featured Article Section. This month we have just the sort of line up you have come to expect; here’s what we have for you.

Our lead off article comes straight from the keyboard of Mr. R. E. Taylor; besides being one of my oldest friends, Ron is a talented gunsmith who has shown he knows his way around a keyboard as well as he does a lathe or a milling machine. Ron has written several technical articles for us all of which you’ve told us you have appreciated very much. I’m sure this month’s effort will be just the same. This month’s article details the refurbishment of a Howa Model 1500 Chambered in .30.06. Shortly after purchasing this rifle the author learns there is a safety recall out on the bolt of this model, Howa. Ron walks us through not only the steps on how to prepare a rifle for recall work but also the proper procedure for restocking a rifle with an aftermarket stock. Ron’s article entitled, “The Bell & Carlson Synthetic Stock”, shows us there is life for a rifle after recall.

Next is an article by another talented Gunsmith/Writer. Jerry Herbison is a true renaissance man when it comes to a tool box, at once, a gunsmith, racecar engine builder, and automotive sciences teacher. Jerry, or Teach as we call him, Moderates several of our technical firearms forums including our Gunsmithing and Reloading Forums. In his article entitled, “Gun Smoke in the Tennessee Hills”, Jerry details his adventures as he is invited to, and competes in, his very first antique “Chunk Gun Shoot” at the Alvin C. York Muzzleloading Rifle Shoot. held each year to commemorate the American WWI hero Sgt Alvin York. This competition, which has its roots in the “Beef Shoots” that York and many other Tennessee hill men regularly competed in, was made famous in the Gary Cooper movie about York. Jerry takes us along as he competes with a borrowed Chunk Gun, the highly specialized muzzleloaders made specifically for these contests.

Our final article is from another regular contributor to our Home Page Magazine; David Brower, or JW as folks at our Turkey Hunting and Testing and Trialing Forums call him. To call Dave Brower an avid Turkey hunter would be something of an understatement; it’s a little like saying John Wayne was a guy who made movies! Dave lives, eats, and breathes Turkeys, in fact there are some who claim Dave does not lose hair like the rest of us, he molts. But whether you believe that or not, one thing you will believe, the guy knows Turkeys. Several years ago Dave wrote a classic Turkey hunting article for us called, “Wives vs. Turkeys, which if you know Dave pretty much sums up the major conflict in his life. While chock full of information for the novice hunter Dave’s wit and playful nature makes what might have been just another turkey hunting article and turned it into a really fun read for hunter of all skill levels.

Okay, this is what we have for you in May; I think you will find we have an entertaining issue that will please you and hopefully fuel those outdoor juices that will encourage you to get up and moving. So read our Home page and get outdoors, ModernSportsmen; go and visit those wildflowers we spoke of at the beginning of this column if you are close enough, if not, go and do as the members of our Outdoor Women’s Forum suggest and take your family for a day’s outing. Go horse back riding, or picnicking, or even on a nature trail; but at the very least get out of the house and enjoy this outdoor life that is our heritage. However, remember none of this is free; be safe, be courteous and above all, be sure to teach this to our young people so that this God-given heritage will be around for their children as well.