First time camping? Here’s what you need to know

As one of the best on-the-budget outdoor activities, camping brings a lot of fun. Whether you’re going with your family or besties, you won’t regret sleeping in the woods, on the cold, or making your way through the bushes to find a fresh stream or a shelter.

Tactical BackpacksHowever, for first-time campers, the preparation for camping can be daunting. You are never sure whether you brought enough stuff. To make your first camping trip easier, we bring you some great tips on how to prepare, what to bring with you, and which gear to use to have a successful camping. More useful information on basics can be found here.

Prepare the day before

A perfect time to start preparations for your camping is the day/night before the trip. Make a checklist of all the things you need. It’s tough to go on camping to find out you didn’t bring wipes or sleeping pads with you. Write down all the stuff you planned to bring with you on camping. If you need to go to the mall and get something, you should prepare it. Make sure you’re relaxed – no need to put any additional pressure before camping.

Pitch the tent in your backyard

For first time campers, pitching a tent before going to the camping can be good. Not only you’ll get to know the tent, but you’ll also get the feeling on putting the pieces together. Practice makes it perfect, so if you have a chance, you should pitch the tent as many times as you can. That way, you’ll know where you should be focusing more when pitching a tent on your trip and how long it will take to pitch a tent.

Get there early

If you chose a campground for your first camping trip, you should arrive earlier to get to know the campground rules. Getting used to the terrain is also important for having a fruitful and relaxed camping. Also, choosing a daytime to set your camp will be appreciated by your neighbor campers!

Invest in right equipmentTactical Backpacks

Some expert campers will argue that the right equipment is an essential thing you need for a safe camping trip. But, how would you know what equipment is the right for you if you’re only starting out? Besides the tent, you need something to sleep on – sleeping pads or sleeping bags are an excellent choice. Make sure you choose the material that will feel right on your skin. On the other hand, if you’re planning some additional activities like hiking or cycling, you need a reliable backpack. Tactical Backpacks are an excellent choice for several reasons: one, they are made to defy different weather conditions. Two, they have ample storage space, divided into several compartments, which will make your stuff fit perfectly.

Eating & Cooking

You can’t expect fancy meals while on camping – the outdoor cuisine is something very distinctive. Usually, you need to prepare food on the spot, with the help of the “old” fire and match system. In that case, you should probably bring some canned ingredients that won’t go bad quickly.