Crossbows are much more faster, quieter and more accurate and a single crossbow can easily kill a deer. Crossbows can deliver a shot at extreme speed but finding the best ones in the market are much more difficult, we have gathered some of the best broadheads for crossbow hunting.

Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 4 blade

The most prominent name in the broadhead business is HBX the durability of muzzy’s Trocar tip is a rugged blade with offset broadhead spins which stabilizes quickly it has a 2 5/8 inch of cutting diameter which weight at least 100 grains.

Ramcat Crossbow

The best-fixed blade head which is sharpened on either side with a leading back edge. This is a stout rugged head that can fly like a field point. The heads are available in 100 grain and 125-grain version. Some of the best crossbow broadheads, try to look at the height and the type of blade as it ensure that you get the most smooth shot which does not miss.

Grim Reaper Hybrid

The grim reaper hybrid crossbows are known for their speed, which allows them to be big and aggressive. It boasts two fixed blades with 11/2 inch cutting diameter and a cutting surface of 13/16 inch of cutting surface and weight 100 grains.

rage Hypodermic crossbow

Rage has a mechanical broadhead, which is the best due to its 2-inch cutting diameter and stainless steel blades. This model boasts an energy retention collar which increases speed and it is available in 100 and 125 grains models.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated

Carbon express has six fixed blades and XT dual feature gives it a serration to boot the speed. The head is 1/8 inch cutting diameter and the serrated blades help the blade stay sharp longer. They are available in 100 and 125-grain models.

NAP Spitfire XXX

The first company to ever make a mechanical blade mainstream. The design is a classic with three flips over blades that expands to catch at two-inch cutting diameter. The grain head is 100.

Excalibur Boltcutter

For the best boltcutters, the Excalibur manufacturer is the best with a stout head feature. This has three fixed blades with 11/16 inches of cutting diameter and they are heavy weighing in at 150 grains.

Wasp Jak-X

Wasp Jak-X is available in a crossbow specific model. The head features is 13/4 inch cutting diameter and utilize a dual ring which retains the design which captures speed up to 380fps. It has a stainless steel smart tip with cutting edges, and ha aligned blades are for optimal penetration and the blade weights 100 grains.