Modern Training Techniques for Athletes

Athletes need a different form of workout routine as compared those people who just want a fit and muscular body. For athletes, regardless of the sport they are a part of, a functional muscle is the most vital aspect. They need stamina, balance, speed, and strength all in one package, and it is possible to get these with special exercises for athletes. Let us look at some of the modern training techniques for athletes.

High-Intensity Interval Training

To build stamina, an athlete is required to perform an exercise that strengthens his/her cardiovascular system and increases lung capacity. High-intensity interval training is one of the best exercises for athletes who want to go for a distance without resting. This technique involves high-intensity activity workout, followed by a moderately paced activity. Let us take, for example, if you want to develop arm strength with this technique, you can do 12 pushups as fast as you can, slow down, then do the next 5 pushups. Again do 10 pushups quickly, followed by 5 slow pushups.

Handstand Pushups

Handstand pushups work to improve balance and have upper body strength. Placing your weight on your shoulders and arms, helps you get a powerful routine that can help you build muscles. This technique also works on your core, to maintain balance while exercising. Also, you can try walking on your hands to strengthen the upper part of your body as well as improve your balance.

One Leg Squats

One Leg Squats provide a great exercise for your core, quads, thighs, and hamstrings. Like handstand pushups, pistol also is an incredible exercise technique for athletes who need body balance. Basketball players, soccer players, football players- everybody can benefit by improving their balance. For one leg squats you squat with only one leg then hold the other leg in front. Try doing this while standing free so that you can get balance improvements as well.homekitchenstuff.co.uk

Cross Training

Cross training is a mixture of exercises that work all the muscle groups rather than just a few. Whether you’re just a beginner athlete or a professional athlete, you can benefit immensely from cross training. Some exercises that can make up a good cross training regimen are cardiovascular exercises like cycling, running, skating, skiing, swimming, rowing. Strength training exercise techniques such as weight training, flexibility training such as yoga and stretching, balance drills and circuit training.


The key purpose of this technique is explosive and lightning fast speed as well as lean muscle growth. It works to strengthen the fast twitch muscle fibres. Full contraction of muscles before releasing helps to develop quicker reflexes and a quicker starting reaction. To build leg strength, the ultimate technique here is jump squats. For jump squats, you do a full squat, then leap into the air while still in the squatting position. To build arm strength, clapping pushups can work. They work to achieve the same goal: full muscle contractions with an explosive release.

Rock Climbing Exercises

Rock climbing should not be for rock climbers only. The muscle you build while rock climbing stretches across the entire body. To do this, you do not have to go actual rock climbing, even though it may be a lot of fun. You can use climbing ropes, staggered pull-ups, pull-ups, or muscle-ups to activate your muscle centers.

The above techniques can work best to improve the stamina, balance, speed, and strength of an athlete.